Samel Trading are pleased to announce the launch of their special Hauberk RFID security wallet for sale on Amazon.com in The United States of America. The wallet, which is made of genuine top-layer cow leather, includes the very latest non aluminium material inside which protects the users credit cards from being scanned by electronic pick-pockets.

This is Samel Trading’s very first product and with the growth of identity theft and credit card fraud, the Hauberk RFID Secure wallet has already proved popular with online shoppers.

Sam Francis, company spokesman said, “The Hauberk RFID Secure Men’s Wallet is a great first product offering real protection for credit cards whilst still retaining the premium feel of a top end leather wallet.”

Samel Trading is the exclusive owner of the brand Hauberk RFID Secure and does not permit any other agent to sell their products without their express permission. They are therefore sole distributors and only sell on Amazon.com

To buy yours today visit amazon